Musicians Embraces Blockchain As Distribution Platform

An early adoption movement from RAC and Imogen Heap to utilizes Blockchain as distribution platform

  • by Rizal Renaldi
  • 18 February 2018
  • imogenheap,RAC

Blockchain, a distributed ledger platform that uses cryptography make a huge mark in 2017. Namely the most disruptive innovation in technology within a couple of decade, probably after the invention of the internet itself. Most people might known Blockchain through cryptocurrency, and one of the most well known cryptocurrency and also the first one is Bitcoin. But actually there are a lot of platform than just Bitcoin. One of the famous is Ethereum, which offer a smart contract that can be utilized by anyone including musician as distributed platform.

These are some of the musicians that, well, tech-savvy enough to utilized Ethereum Blockchain as their distribution platform.


A Grammy-winning DJ and producer, released his album on Ethereum where people can buy it with Ether, an Ethereum token. Through a startup called Ujo Music that helping to implement the system. The album called “Ego” priced 0,11 ETH or equal to 10 USD.

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap also released her single “Tiny Human” via Ujo Music platform.


A Taiwanese-American electronic music producer who also collaborate with Ujo Music to release his album on the platform using Ethereum Blockchain.

This is an early adoption movement from musicians to utilizes Blockchain as distribution platform. As this platform growing we hopes more and more musician starts to utilize Blockchain and cryptocurrency, in a decentralized way of course, because this is what Blockchain is all about. Minimize centralization of music, because music as its nature, supposed to be out there, we believe.