Demon Represents: Frankie Palmeri

We see demon in Frankie Palmeri and it is a good thing.

  • by Rizal Renaldi
  • 15 May 2017
  • frankiepalmeri,emmure

The previous generation glorifies people like Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Araya, or Lemmy Kilmister as the representational figure of the demon. But every generation has their own “demon” to be praise of. For the millennials and 2000’s peeps, Frankie Palmeri, Emmure’s vocalist, might be strongly the best candidate for the millennial’s demon.

As I observed, the loves and the hates for Frankie is 50-50. Many people praise him, but a number of people that hates him are considerably high.

After all, that’s what we see in demon too, I guess.