About The Play Dept.

The Play Dept. (The Play Department) dig through the bottom of the music world, find the gems that mostly unnoticed, hidden by the noise of industry.

The Play Dept. is perfect for a non-genre-specific music lover, receptive listeners, open-minded people who thirst for new music and the one that thinks back-to-the-root movement is pointless bullshit.

We prefer to not give label and genre or give a rate to any music. Whatever kind of music it is, if it's good, it's here. Otherwise, it's not worth our and your attention.

Long short story, The Play Dept. has been around since 2009 in a quite different form and concept. Yet it has been hiatus. In 2017, we decided to resurrect it and come with a whole new concept, which you can see here on our website.

For now we have three sections you can explore: The Playdays, The Playlists, and The Playmakers. We have a plan to add more unique sections in the future.

If you need to contact us, please do e-mail us at: theplaydept(at)gmail(dot)com

The Play Dept. is managed by:

Andri Permana


Rizal Renaldi